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White girl spanish slang

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Top definition. Guera unknown.

Mexican-Spanish slang for a white girl or light-haired girl. It is a jargon from Mexico that is also used by Chicanos whife the United States.

English-language white girl spanish slang who are not familiar with the origins of Spanish words or don't whites dating blacks to become educated about them can become misinformed into believing that one culture's mumbo-jumbo is widely accepted by other Spanish-language societies. Esa chola es una guera.

White girl spanish slang I Am Ready Dating

Kristen is a guera, but only I am allowed to call her. It is not the same as a "gringa.

Can be either derogatory or complimentary given the circumstances. The masculine form would be guero.

Wow, she's Mexican? I would never have guessed she was with her green eyes and blonde hair. Ya, she's just a guera.

Is she Mexican? She doesn't look like it. Yeah she's just a guera.

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GUERA unknown. Guera just means a lighter Mexican Female a lighter Mexican male would be guero.

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If some1 has lighter skin, hair, live sex chat free online. However, ggirl means some1 who is white non-hispanic, guera is just used for someone who is just lighter. Ay is she a gringa? Na shes just a guera 1st person: Adam And The Ants Senior Sunday Anecdote Golden Brown DMU white girl spanish slang Democrat Wakanda Forever Sleeping In the Buff Nittany Lion Maui Wowie